ADC Dance Supply List

ADC Dance Supply List:
(it is ok if it takes dancers a couple if weeks to get the supplies needed)

For Ballet Classes:
• Black Leotard of any style
• Pink Tights (more white-ish) convertible (can roll up for footless)
• Pre-Ballet: Pink leotard, pink tights
• Pink, split sole ballet shoes, canvas or leather

Hair Supplies: Hair in a bun for all classes
• Pony-tail holders
• Bobby pins, hair pins
• Hair nets
• Hairspray

For Jazz Class:
• Black leotard
• Black leggings, tights (footless or convertible)
• Black Jazz Shoes
• Younger levels can stay in their pink tights

For Modern, Contemporary: 
• Black leotard
• Black leggings, tights (footless or convertible)

For Pre-Pointe:
• Just their pink ballet shoes, no need for pre-pointe shoes
• Theraband (the strongest version)

For Hip-hop:
• Black leotard
• Black leggings, tights, or black jazz shorts
• Black jazz shoes, or clean hip-hop sneakers

Senior & Junior Company: Saturdays can be “color” leotard day

“Arts Dance Center” tee-shirts are available at the studio for cover-up. 

Please wear cover-ups to and from the studio. 

Warm-ups are allowed when warming up: ballet sweaters, leg warmers, “trash-bag” shorts are acceptable and encouraged for warm-up times, and rehearsals.


Marie Arts